My Mission – Make picks and Make money

To all readers:

This is a site I, Main Guy, has created for one reason only. To prove that I know what I’m talking about. Too often do I make a correct pick and people tell me I got lucky. This is simply my stock pick ledger. Read it if you want.


There is a lot of bullshit out there around what tech companies are good and which ones are bad. I am here to give you my opinion, which honestly is most likely right. I will not just tell you to buy a stock but I will tell you why. Also, I will do my best to put a timeframe on the stock. That is the hard part if I don’t have inside information. However, I will tell you how/why the company is going to grow its revenue.


There is FUD created for every public company ever. In tech, it is on a whole other level. I will respond to FUD and give insight into if it is worth looking into or just bullshit.


MY PORTFOLIO – This is the main reason. I will track my units. I will start with $100,000 and see what I do with it. Check it out



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