BOX – Are they for Real?

So the first company I post about will be BOX. They are super popular but I will give you the insight you need to know they will grow. I have them being a HUGE winner over the next few months. We still maybe 3-6 months before the start to really post a big profit but either way, it is a “when not if” scenario.



  1. Aaron MOTHERFUCKING Levie – The dude is a stud. The great Jason Lemkin calls him the wonder CEO. Lemkin is a hero in the world of SaaS and Levie is his favorite CEO. That is all you need to know. Sure, a great CEO can only do so much but the product he has will allow him to get BOX to 10 Billion market cap in 18 months. they are 2.8 Billion as of now.
  2. They are B2B – You will notice a common theme in all of my company reviews. I will talk about who they sell to. In Tech, B2B is always better for a number of reasons(in my opinion but look at the volatility of FACE & SNAP). The main being expand revenue. If you are one of the 100,000 businesses using BOX it is very unlikely that you can leave BOX tomorrow and be okay. What does this mean? If they double the price you will still pay. That is the main difference between BOX & Dropbox. If Dropbox doubles their price they will see high churn. BOX is engrained in its customers. Now they can ragdoll the fuck out of these businesses and still keep them as customers. Aaron is too nice so he won’t ragdoll them I’m just saying he could.
  3. Workflow – BOX has an amazing workflow tool which is more and more important as employees are never in the same place anymore. The workflow will drive businesses to be more and more efficient. The decision makers will see as executors are faster and getting their work done with this workflow tool. they will move more and more documents to be stored in BOX and then BOX will increase storage price + price per license. These geniuses are going to provide a shitload of value to businesses and get compensated for it.


These are me three main reasons BOX will have no problem growing revenue. New revenue is going to be mainly from expanding current accounts. They have very low churn which means customers are happy. Happy customers will 1. pay more 2. will trust them with new products.


BOX to the MOON. Levie is Great. Still not smart enough for a job at Goldman though

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